The Incredible Journey

The Creator Writings

Take a moment and ponder this; you are all family, connected by your love of each other as Forever Beings.  You are kindred spirits sharing an incredible journey you

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As humans you want to live forever for the good times.

Johnsmallman's Blog

Saul Audio Blog for Friday January 12th

You all have high hopes for 2018.  Much has been promised and much will be delivered!  The awakening process is proceeding apace, and this not new information, it is just further confirmation of what we in the spiritual realms have been telling so many of you over the last 2 or 3 years.  Yes, that long!  Nevertheless, major changes are occurring all over the world as humanity’s collective intent to awaken continues to intensify.  More and more are daily choosing to live only lovingly whatever arises, and the powerful energies that these choices are putting into effect keep intensifying.

The collective choice to awaken has been made, and is irreversible as you well know, so let go of your doubts and intensify your efforts, while at the same time totally forgiving yourselves whenever it seems to you that you that you have not…

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Truly, death is but a transition and should not be feared.

Jesus through John

Jesus Audio Blog for Wednesday January 10th.

2018 is here and well established, and much needed change is happening planet-wide.  Love is penetrating the hearts of even the most fear riven because the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify as more and more of you set and hold the intent to be only loving all day and every day, whatever arises.

That intent is Powerful!  Please keep renewing it when you take your daily journeys within, to your holy altar where Love resides eternally, supporting and embracing you in every moment.  That is why you are incarnate at this moment in time.  You courageously chose to be on Earth to assist in the awakening process for humanity, knowing full well that it would be difficult, demanding, and at times very painful.

You are greatly honored in the spiritual realms, as you will discover with joy when you awaken.  Even…

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Divine Mother

Inner voices of serenity and peace. Ever since the beginning of a new world I´ve been calling out thy names, in hopes that it would not be forgotten. Though anxiously I wonder, have thou forsaken me? Please understand that even the most courageous souls among us, although gifted with the heavenly seeds of divinity, still needs the tender affection of a soothing voice. My worries, I want them to be replaced with the compassion and friendliness a heart is truly longing for. Heavenly Mother, I ask thee modest as can be, to show me a love stronger than everything my eyes will ever see.




Prague 2015

Timeless Fairies


Once, in a forgotten land somewhere beyond the realm of rainbows, there lived a boy who couldn´t stop dreaming about fairies all day long. Alas, because of it, he always found himself bombarded with a variety of jokes and of course the necessary preconceived notions, as not a single soul was truly capable to fathom his one desire. Though, as he grew older and older the years were passing by seemingly faster and faster. Eventually, after a life full of misery and pranks, his Earthly vessel was destined to decease. Nevertheless, at that time something of quite a miraculous nature suddenly occurred, whereas his Earthly soul transformed into the shape of a beautiful fairy, not unlike a caterpillar turning into the definite form of a timeless butterfly. Although, a human mind would probably fail to understand the phenomenon that really transpired, one thing remains absolutely certain; his heart never stopped believing in a higher force. Thence, within this light, fairies may never cease to exist.


‘’Thou, who holds no fear, guard me to the light of a new morning as my soul is bound to life its true colors forevermore.’’