In forgiving yourselves, you find it much easier to forgive others.

Jesus through John

The way you, humanity, live on Earth is to change soon and dramatically for the better.  Awareness is finally dawning on enough of you that to live as separate individuals attending mainly to your own needs and desires does not work and cannot work.  The evidence has been there for eons, but your ego-driven selves have either been refusing to see it, or have totally denied it.  Instead the world has been a place where unbridled competition has held sway on all levels of society and in every nation and culture.  The fear of rejection and the need to belong to a group that is supportive and protective has been extremely divisive, as wars and conflicts within families or between nations throughout your recorded history clearly demonstrates.

As humans, in form, it does appear that you are separate, and for eons you have sought to belong to powerful support groups…

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To awaken is to let go of fear.

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We, all of the divine creation, are on a path of spiritual evolution that is eternally ongoing.

You may ask “Why?  Are we not all already perfect divine creations?”  And, yes, of course we are, but, being creative beings, there is always more to create, infinitely more, and that is one of the joys of being One with Source, there is always the joy of discovering more to create. Quite a paradox!

Thus joy never ceases, it just expands and intensifies.  However, words – verbal or written language as used by beings in form – are a totally inadequate means of communing.  All are in divine relationship, and relationship is a state of communing.  Humans, as social beings, understand this very well, although, of course, there are times when you wish to rest from relationship, to have quiet time within, at your holy inner sanctuary.  However, when you awaken…

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Soul Sisters

Today, after visiting the Veenpark at Barger-Compascuum (a theme park regarding the local history and beyond) for the 2nd time, I spontaneously remembered one of my past lifetimes, this time a life not particularly blessed with joy and happiness.

”Sometimes the days are nothing but grey coldness. At those moments all I am truly sensing is the rain, pouring down on the deepness of my soul.”

Her name was Yoska, a tall woman with curly brown hair. She happened to be an immigrant from Hungary, living somewhere in the northern region of the United States. The glimpse of that specific lifetime, the one I am actually recalling, must have been anywhere in the year of 1883. Within a clear vision, or lets refer to it as a vivid daydream, I noticed her standing on the balcony of a wooden train wagon pulled by a grand locomotive. She was obviously wearing one of those ‘commonly known’ sun bonnets, in order to protect her face adequately against the rather scorching rays of afternoon heat. The color of her long, probably handmade gown, could best be described as a pale variant of brown, which appeared quite somber in almost every regard. Her big blue eyes were filled with tears at the time she was tenderly holding the hand of her loved one, or in fact the hand of a woman she was so desperately trying to marry. Time and again her heart had been broken as people were always prepared, or at least inclined, of turning their lives into a miserable venture, solely because of their ‘deviant’ lesbian relationship. Needless to say that the heart of the smaller lady beside her had also been broken for way to many times. Her name was Mathilda, a somewhat petit woman, though with a fully American background. After a closer look, I better remarked her pretty figure with wavy long hair complemented by brown glittering eyes. Nevertheless, most of her face seemed hidden under the flap of a big yellowish hat.

“Sweet pumpkin pie, please don’t you cry.  Albeit a garden needs its water from time to time, tears are meant to be dry, for the sadness in your eyes are causing all plants to die.”

Mathilda uttered these simple words whereas she valiantly endeavored to alleviate the sorrow of her travelling companion, yet unfortunately, to no avail. At that time, her words gruesomely collided with her most sensitive nerves, inextricably connected to the soul, inasmuch bigger tears were rushing down her cheeks. If I would find myself in the position of comparing her true affliction to some natural occurrence, I guess I would be capable of stating that the wetness of her tears is incredibly similar to any of those unexpected rain storms, in the middle of a hot summery day. Though, whenever Mathilda attempted to comfort her girlfriend wholeheartedly, she considered tears as the achievement of a contrary effect, not knowing their genuine purpose. Apparently, she deemed herself unable to explore the unmistakable meaning of summery rain itself.

Silent hours arose and the Sun was going down already, leaving a diversity of the most breathtaking colors at the edge of the horizon. A veritable mixture of purple and pink and everything in between. Eventually, Yoska had found the courage to confide in her Mathilda once again. Prudently, not unlike a devoted woodworker measuring his slabs with the intention of building a new creation, she then said;

‘Mathilda, do you know those feelings as if your whole world is falling apart, ultimately to transform into a million of smithereens? When there seems nothing more to win but everything to lose? And do you know what truly hurts me the most?’ Yoska asked, still in tears. Mathilda took off her hat and gently nodded by letting her know that she had a pretty good idea. ‘People with their myriads of desires. Some may be difficult to realize, or hard even to fathom, while other wishes are of a more easier nature, as they are better to understand. There are sufficient souls whom are witnessing their desires finally coming to a rewarding fruition, and those that are not. Regardless of who or what you really think you are, each and every single soul has its own longings, captivated in the subconscious bottoms of the soul. There are no exceptions. Now, all I sincerely want is an official marriage so that our love can be acknowledged veraciously by all those differing souls, a love that shouldn’t be impossible. Well, instead of accepting our little dream, as we would always duly accept theirs, they do nothing else but to bombard us with their poignant remarks accompanied by a superabundance of preconceived notions. And when we are very unfortunate, they may even cast a number of rocks at the two of us. It almost inevitably happens no matter where we are going or where we are at in spite of the fact that, they too, want nothing else than their own desires fulfilled. This my darling one, is making me sad as it tends to blind my heart.’

Alas, little did she know about the collective attitude of a civilization living on a continent so far away. Two years earlier Yoska had made quite a thoughtful decision since she knew all along, for some inexplicable reason, that forsaking her conservative gypsy family would turn out beneficial with regards to her personal welfare. Thereupon she bravely exchanged the frontiers of her homeland, with merely a small knapsack packed with a minimum of belongings, for an entirely new world, or so it seemed. And as luck or perhaps an unknown destiny would have it, only one year later she met a likeminded soul, gifted with an identical sexual orientation. There she came.. out of the blue, a remarkable persona reinforced by a golden aura, someone she immediately identified as a soul sister on a more profound spiritual level. Indeed, they fell in love right away and were destined to be together ever since. Not even one single day would pass without them holding each other’s hands.

‘Keep faith, my dear Yoska, please keep having faith. All these reproaches and other torments are just examples of petty human inventions, based solely upon their own innate nescience. Basically, we should be the ones feeling compassionate about them, the poor souls, considering that they themselves clearly don’t know anything about our energetic evolution at all. Our Heavenly Parents created us just the way we are, because, as soul sisters, this is exactly the way we were meant to be. Pioneers travelling uncharted terrains for the benefit of future generations. Thus please, I ask thee, keep your faith on high, this you must promise dear Yoska.’ Consequently the two women embraced each other fondly, as if they were the only beings alive. After all, they both explicitly knew that unconditional love can never be directed nor be influenced by the diminishing kind of envy from other souls.

The train kept on driving, and driving and driving, straight across the vastest landscape one will ever be able to imagine. Gigantic plumes of white smoke were floating through the dusky sky, whereas countless of glimmers from a perfectly full moon transformed the whole entourage into an authentic fairytale. One may have to wonder, same as I did, will such a miraculous journey, on a timeless night, a night like this, ever come to a conclusion?

Frank as can be, this happened to be the only scene I was allowed to behold. Of course, it may sound as a major contradiction that I, the author of this extraordinary report, knows nothing about the further courses of their lives. Yes, Yoska, she was a former incarnation, or a sheer aspect of my higher Self, or let’s call it another facet of a grandiose diamond, though this is the only thing I know for sure. And as such, I am enthusiastically conveying all my gratitude to the heavens for showing me an infinitesimal piece of an infinitely large puzzle.

The vision itself was bright as living daylight. Although at first, I couldn’t grasp any details about the cold shivers running down my spine when I was standing on the balcony of a railway wagon myself ( as my current incarnation) at that local theme park, concerning the history of the province. Also the sudden sadness, that just didn’t seem rational, as well as the strange urge not to hide my tears any longer, were at least looking out of place. Thence, I thought I was losing my mind, just until these ‘vivid images’ had successfully found access to my soul later that day. At last, it was all making a whole lot of sense. Therefore it shall always be impossible to thank the heavens sufficiently. And no, I cannot thank you, the committed reader enough, for taking the time to learn about my little adventure. Hopefully a time well spend. Take care and never forget, every ending marks only the prelude of a new beginning. Nothing lasts forever. Namaste..



Mary Read

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Dear Blog followers,

Mary Read is a dear friend of mine, and doubtless many of you remember my posting news of her back in 2016. Well, here’s another news item:

Mary will be making a presentation in Seattle, Washington, on Tuesday August 28th. Another dear friend of mine, Danna Beal, is the go to person for details if you would like to make a reservation to attend. If you are in or near Seattle on that date and you choose to attend I can assure you that you will be most glad that you did.


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You are all loved beyond measure.

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As so many channels are telling you, humanity is moving collectively forward very rapidly toward the moment of awakening.  And there are signs of this in many places where loving concern and compassion are arising in discussions about the major issues that need to be practically resolved in order to prevent further, and possibly irreparable, catastrophic damage from being done to the planet, which could cause mass extinctions.  Humanity is at a tipping point, a point at which balance must be restored allowing and encouraging a whole new way of living to be established that honors all life forms.

There is no separation, and to attempt to live as if separation is real, while at the same time refusing to honor all life forms, is truly insane.  Much of humanity now sees this, but there are still many people with power and influence whose sole agenda is to maintain their…

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You all have egos, and to live as humans in form you do need them.

Jesus through John

When humanity awakens, as it inevitably will, there will be an enormous outpouring of LOVE world-wide.  You have, collectively, been working towards this event for a very long time, and you are now ready for it.  The chaos, confusion, and conflict across the world, at this moment in your spiritual evolution, is a result of your collective choice to awaken.  Many agonizing memories of conflict, pain, and suffering are arising so that they may be released.  Retained and dwelt on, they hold you in a state of bitterness, hatred, and resentment.  Whereas released they allow you to open your hearts to the Love that is ever present wanting only to enfold and embrace you, as It will when you let go of your need to blame, judge, or seek vengeance or restitution for past hurts, and instead just accept and deal lovingly with whatever arises.  Love is your nature, and

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