Timeless Fairies


Once, in a forgotten land somewhere beyond the realm of rainbows, there lived a boy who couldn´t stop dreaming about fairies all day long. Alas, because of it, he always found himself bombarded with a variety of jokes and of course the necessary preconceived notions, as not a single soul was truly capable to fathom his one desire. Though, as he grew older and older the years were passing by seemingly faster and faster. Eventually, after a life full of misery and pranks, his Earthly vessel was destined to decease. Nevertheless, at that time something of quite a miraculous nature suddenly occurred, whereas his Earthly soul transformed into the shape of a beautiful fairy, not unlike a caterpillar turning into the definite form of a timeless butterfly. Although, a human mind would probably fail to understand the phenomenon that really transpired, one thing remains absolutely certain; his heart never stopped believing in a higher force. Thence, within this light, fairies may never cease to exist.


‘’Thou, who holds no fear, guard me to the light of a new morning as my soul is bound to life its true colors forevermore.’’




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